Foot Prints-Vadodara, Gujarat


Mahila Gruh Udyog - Vocational Training


This Program has been initiated from September2012 onwards which provides them an opportunity to keep them away from the clutches of poverty. The skill training in Tailoring & Embroidery has provided these women with income generation opportunities - be it as micro entrepreneur working out of home or as an employee.

Short Term Objectives
To educate and empower women to become self-employed and financially independent. To develop women's socio-economic status as an owner / manager of a small business.
Long Term Objectives
To impart technical as well as life management skills which will help the women become self-reliant boost their confidence and make them independent.
To provide skill training participants with income generation opportunities - be it as micro entrepreneur working out of home or as an employee.
To form groups amongst the women who together can improve living conditions, health and education facilities through a holistic approach in the communities.
To form small co- operatives to generate business.
To initiate small saving scheme programmes.
To encourage the women to break the cycle of poverty through education and empowerment.

Sensitization/Value Education

One day Awareness Seminar On “Enactment of the Maintenance and welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens act, 2007”
Constitutional Safe guards for Senior Citizen, was organised in
collaboration with agency

for National Institute of social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India.

Sensitization Program for School Children to Bridge Intergenerational Gap

In India the elderly have been traditionally given a place of honour and respect in religious, social and economic organizations of the society. Religious text have decree the deference of son to their old parents failure to do so is considered a gross dereliction of duty which earns social opprobrium. The role of aged is not confined only to social rituals and ceremonies. They also participate in the management of affairs of the family and the community.
But with the advancement of civilization the old values gradually started getting replaced by the new ones. In the changed situation the elderly people are deprived of the honour they used to get earlier.

Need of the Program

With the growing industrialization and urbanization family values are changing. The need was felt by the trustees for making the school children aware about ageing issues early in life, so they treat their elderly with love and care and understand their issues in depth

  • To inculcate values of care & respect.
  • To sensitize the School children to honor the elders with dignity.
  • Preparing today's children & youth for their old age. Creating an age friendly society.

Navjeevan Balwadi

RE-SCHOOL EDUCATION-The Balwadi provides opportunities to the first timers (3+ age bracket) to attend class, give them basic knowledge of colours, shapes, numbers, alphabets, rhymes.

The methodology of this class focuses on learning through fun, as there is no strtured class. They are taught in a fun manner, sometimes through rhymes and learning through the environment More than one third of the people living in the Slums of Vadodara are deprived of quality education and basic health services. One such slum is Swad Quarters. Swad Quarters is a cluster comprising of 1500 families mainly of the Harijan Community.

All the residents in the area are working in various fields as SafaiKarmcharis . The children lack asic education and skills. This center aims to nurture values in young minds many of whom are deprived of such opportunity at their home. In many cases parents are unable to teach their young ones. The center caters to 35 children at the moment. Limited number of student intake is to ensure their proper care and development.

The mid-day meal facility at the center helps in feeding the children with the nutritious food wherein two vegetables, rice, chappatis and sweet dish are served to the children. Our volunteers bring hygienic food in hot serving bowls from the kitchen of Jalaram Trust to Swad every day.


Addressing the immediate needs of the most marginalized populations affected by Natural disasters

HFV works towards providing immediate relief and assists in the rehabilitation process of the affected communities in the aftermath of any calamity. We help communities build their capacity to better cope with and recover from disasters.

Our foremost goal is to build resilience among the community and various stakeholders in case of any disaster. We work closely with communities, who have been affected by disasters.

Recently we provided help to Flood affected Slum Dwellers residing near the Vishwamitri River in Vadodara.

As incessant rains lashed Vadodara district, the rising levels of Ajwa and Pratap pura lakes increased the chances of a flood-like situation in the city. Heavy shower paralysed the city to an extent that people remained indoors.

Vadodara city remained water logged in several areas. The heavy rains led to the Vishwamitri River flowing above 22 feet. which is barely two feet below the danger mark, giving rise to fears of a flood-like situation and pressing disaster management teams to evacuate residents from low lying areas. The local Authorities did their level best in helping people. We also joined them in reaching out to the affected people. The evacuated people were shifted to government schools

Our partner Hans Foundation provided support to enable us reach flood victims in Vadodara