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HANS Mobile Medical Services

Nurpur Tehsil, Himachal Pradesh

Reaching out healthcare to un reached at door step

Hans Mobile Medical Services is an initiative started in april, 2013 by Hope Foundation and supported by Rural India Supporting Trust.

The Sole purpose of this initiative is to provide free medical aid at door step of the most vulnerable pregnant women,adoloscent girls, elderly women villagers of Nurpur Tehsil in himachal Pradesh

With high rate of poverty and a huge population of labours(who can't even afford a single decent meal for their family) and lack of infrastructure in this region , Hope Foundation felt the necessity and importance of providing free medical help to the villagers around Nurpur tehsil for a healthy life.

The mobile health clinic holds capacity of providing preliminary treatment for 82 diseases. Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines are provided for curing patients. Day - to - day records of each patient treated is maintained and reviewed. Also , medicine stock is reviewed on daily basis for shortfalls and replenishment .

HMMM works on a planned schedule , devoting a day per weeek. in each Panchayat. Thus ensuring that the treatment is completely and properly provided and all villagers requiring medical help are taken care off. Thus program serves 24 Panchayats & 240 Villages.


The traditional norms and values of the Indian society laid stress on showing respect and providing care for the aged. However, in recent times, society is witnessing a gradual but definite withering of the joint family system, as a result of which a large number of parents are being neglected by their families exposing to lack of emotional, physical and financial support. These older person are facing a lot of problems in the absence of adeuate social security. This clearly reveals that ageing has become a major social challenge and there is a need to provide for the economic and health needs of the project is to improve the uality of life of the older Persons by providing basic medical care the need was felt to operate mobile health services for the elderly of Nurpur tehsil.

Mobile health services are designed to reach healthcare to disadvantaged elders in rural areas. On - site health care services include doctor consultation , basic diagnostics, medicines and home visits for bedridden patients.Linkage to local health facilities ensures referrals to specialist doctors. The team of health care providers consists of a doctor, pharmacist,paramedic, and is supervised by a qualified social worker. Mobile health services vehicle works six days a week we have in position to serve 2127 Male seniors & 2845 women seniors last year in 12 Panchayats of the tehsil.


It is well known to everyone that people are suffering from many diseases mainly due to the unhygienic living atmosphere and living status. So , to reduce the spreading of such diseases among the people the foremost step should be establishing a clean, hygienic living environment and status.

Generally people in cities are suffering from different diseases mostly from unhygienic living atmosphere like - poisonous gaseous atmosphere, dusty or un - cleaned air , improper and un - cleaned drainage system etc.. The people in cities are generally found to maintain a cleaned living status.

In rural areas though the environment is thought to be comparatively clean than city areas, now - a - days in rural areas also the living atmosphere gradually deteriorating and due to the lack of awareness / adequate knowledge among the people their living statuses have not been seen at hygienic. It is often found that the people living specially in very backward areas are suffering from different diseases due to their ignorance on self - cleanliness .


To improve sanitation habits of Women and Adolescent girls in villages the program will focus on most vulnerable poor communities.

To popularize and sensitise the use of sanitary napkins among the rural women and girls.

To establish and start preparation of cost effective/low cost sanitary napkins in scientific way for better health and hygiene among rural women and girls.

To engage some rural unemployed youths in production and marketing and also to fulfil the school requirements to maximum parts.

To provide quality based sanitary napkins to rural women in comparatively low price than the napkins prevalent in the present day markets.

Our experiences of past two years found out that 85% women were suffering from the problems of lukeria. Also interaction with the village females/Adolescent girls revealed their numerous health problems most of which were due to unhygienic menstrual management practices being followed in the villages.

We introduced the novel technique developed by an award winner from Tamil Nadu Mr. Muruganandam to manufacture sanitary napkin on small hand operated machines. This project has been started in sarthi gram in nurpur tehsil. Women from the nearby villages were given training to operate four different types of machines manually to manufacture sanitary napkin of international quality.

The group of ladies was earlier involved only in house hold work or agriculture.

Saee Sanitary Napkin is the Product
which will be offered to the adolescent
girls and Post - delivery Napkins to
enable our women living in rural areas a
healthy hygienic life style


Homemade pickles - an opportunity for income generation

Over 85% of the rural families are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Most of them are illiterate, sufffer from ill-health, suppressed by vested interests and are deprived of their due share and rights in the development due to poor governance.Poverty eradication is a very complex process that needs concerted effort, Through this activity we would be creating opportunities by self- trained activity. it has been a need based effort to promote gruh udyog by organizing pickle making competitions.


Generate income for poor/rural women
Helping them to achieve a degree of control over their own destiny with positive steps forward


The need was felt by the SDM Sh. Ashwin Sood for such a program who was concerned about the filling the gap between for the common men in this hilly state where people had to deal with a tough terrain and harsh living conditions. Disasters witnessed by people in this part of the area are somewhat different ffrom the other parts of the country which include cloudbursts and landslides during monsoons, blocked roads due to excessive snowfall and winter fires, road accidents, vehicles falling into gorges from where it is very difficult to extricate people.

We are happy to be playing our part in saving lives and bettering the healthcare services in the Nurpur. While transporting patient/victim to appropriate hospital for stabilization.


To sustain natural resources, alleviate poverty, and improve quality - of - life, we at hfv aim to focus on needs of small- scale farmers, around sarthigram,in this direction workshop was organized to : Promote Opportunity, Facilitate Empowerment.