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Basti Vikas Kendra, Janta Jeevan Camp, Near Chawla Hotel,Okhla Phase 2, State Delhi.

Focus lssues



Holistic Education

Pre primary education | non - formal education | School based education Adult education | Self Deffense training

The project has relevance to present context, as Holistic education is the only way to help slum dwellers lead a Meaningful life. Slums have become part of the urban landscape in india.
The population of slums in usually a mixture of persons from different religious, language groups and occupants. Most Migrants have come from different religious , language groups and occcupants. Most migrants have come from rural areas to escape unemployment in their native villages.

Most of them are illiterate and very poor, Population in Delhi has been influenced by rural urban migration, and a high proportion of the population living in slums and squatters of Delhi comprise migrants from Haryana, UP and Bihar in North Tamil Nadu in South. Temporary migrants from Rajasthan who are employed in the construction industry and more from one construction site to another.

Our efforts are helping them improve in self-confidence & creativity. Developing competencies self-confidence and leadership in children, motivating and retaining them through quality holistic education programs at primary level taking them to secondary and senior secendory levels to graduations and vocational courses Enabling them to earn their livelihood with respect and confidence. There will be less anti-social activities among children.

Meeting the basic learning needs of children, both in and out of school
Developing activities related to improving the quality of education available in the local elementary schools
Providing opportunities for continuing and remedial education
Capacity building & training of non-formal teachers
Increase awareness and participation of the community in the education of children

The most important component of our project is to empower Adolescent Girls through Self-defence education Awareness & Prevention.
As we all are aware that the incidences of rape have been increasing in Delhi at an alarming rate.
Much before the rape incident in Delhi Founder of the organisation had started Martial arts training taekwondo. Self-defense is the use of physical force to counter an immediate threat of violence.
Holistic Development in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of adolescent girls.as martial arts training also has benefits for mental health, contributing to self-esteem, self-control, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Empower vulnerable adolescent Girls with Self-defence training in industrial slum of south Delhi. Through this program we are strengthening adolescent girls physically to combat any threat & helping these slum girls creatively journeying into a better understanding of self and socio-cultural dimensions around.
The complete training will help them create safe, confidential, adolescent girls in life threatening and silent areas of sexuality & violence.
Violence against women (VAW) is too complex, takes too many forms and intersects with too many other issues for it to be eradicated without a long struggle.
The training helps these vulnerable girls counter an immediate threat of violence. Which these girls have easy access.
Our children have been competing with the best of Private schools in Delhi.
From last five years children have won trophy & Medals in the training.

Vocational Training

Place: Moti Lal Nehru Camp, Munirka,New Delhi

Skill Training Program in July2011 was started as a need based program in Moti Lal Nehru Camp, Phase 2 Munirka. The centre was set up by receiving second hand machines in donation. From September 2014 onwards, Rural India Supported our Program and 50 women have been given training in one year Diploma in Cutting, tailoring, stitching and embroidery there on.


To empower adolescent girls/women through the skills for economic upliftment, make them citizens which work towards a healthy society.


To improve the livelihood of underprivileged urban women.

To impart technical as well as life management skills which will help the women become self-reliant boost their confidence and make them independent.

To provide skill training participants with income generation opportunities - be it as micro entrepreneur working out of home or as an employee.


Adult Literacy

Provides the women with basic Hindi and numerical skills, enabling them to better get on in life and master daily transactions like signing documents or reading bus numbers and place names.

Cutting, Tailoring & embriodery

Making drafts on paper, cutting cloth ,sewing learning the art of stitching.This programme is running in Motilal Nehru Camp Munirka New Delhi.